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Health Centre Gyula (9,4 M EUR)


Project details 

Total investment (EUR):9.400.000
Credit (EUR):8.700.000
Equity funding (EUR):700.000
Interest rate (max.):5,75 % / year
Credit duration:10 years
Grace period:14 months

Currently in Hungary only for the Hungarian patients it would be necessary to perform 120.000 cancer filtering examinations. Unfortunately the Hungarian Patient Insurance can only authorize 10.000 examinations. After these numbers we do not have to emphasize the interest arising in the surrounding countries, from Romania we could expect 300.000, from Ukraine 2 million patients.

The Hungarian city, Gyula, would be able to perform with two PET-CT machines appr. 9.000 to 12.000 examinations per year.
It is important to note that all cancer and tumor illnesses origin from the soul.

For a healthy cell it is normal to divide til it is necessary, after the needed cell replacement succeeded the division will stop. On the other hand the division of cancery cells will not stop only happens again and again. The malignant multiplied cells in time could cause metastasis on the surrounding organs, could get in the lymphatic system or blood flow, which will transport them to any part of the body.
The vision of the Health Center in Gyula is to supply every patient out of the line, who do not have enough time to wait for the free examination provided by the National Hungarian Patient Care. These time frame can be calculated with 5 to 6 month in the central health care system. Until the patient gets to the examination, it is too late because the cancery cells have already spread and the survival rate is only 10% or less.

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