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Electric moped car factory (12 M EUR)

electric moped car

Project details 

Total investment (EUR):12.000.000
Credit (EUR):9.000.000
Equity funding (EUR):3.000.000
Interest rate (max.):2,5 % / year
Credit duration:10 years
Grace period:1 year
Employment:280 people

Hungary worked out in the Ministry of National Economy package a plan to enhance  the number of electric-powered cars by a number of incentives (ie. Registration tax breaks, parking and collection facilities, exchange bonuses, preferential use of charging infrastructure, better fuel, flow rates, etc). The recently released 1487/2015. (VII.21.)  Hungarian government's decision is expected to have a positive impact on the spread of electric motoring.  Appr. 45 thousand electric cars will be present on the Hungarian market to 2020.  
Interest in electric-powered cars is rising all over the world, but the market trends are determining that most of the sales are happening in cheap category, intended for urban use, low-speed urban small cars.
These models are becoming more popular, sales are doubling per year, which is why we are planning to organise the production of cheap, small electric city cars for Hungarian market in Hungary.
Testing of electric cars before final assembly and sale will happen in the logistics center in Székesfehérvár (city in Hungary). The car parts manufactured in the Far East will be transported by ship and train to the manufacturing base and the components will be built, tested and sold here.
According to plan the distribution will happen based on leasing scheme which way we can ensure our customers a smooth and reliable operation.

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