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Construction of biogas plant in Serbia (11 M EUR)

green energySummary: building a bio gas plant and a fruit-vegetable drying facility in Serbia
Investment: 11.000.000 EUR

Martis Commerce known company that deals with drying fruits and vegetables. We have achieved, cooperation with many countries of the EU and countries of former Yugoslavia as well as with USA and Russia. Next natural step for our company is to improve production and control costs. Using renewable forms of energy such as biomass, we are focused on reducing costs, as well as to the collective raise awareness about environmental protection. A biogas plant is a technologically innovative solution, which is able to accept a variety of organic and vegetable raw material for biochemical process of biogas (methane), where the combustion of biogas through a cogeneration unit produces both heat and electricity.

We plan to set up a modern natural fruit and vegetables drying facility, using renewable energy to cover the substantial energy needs in the drying process. Using biogas generated the waste allows the company to produce high quality homogeneous products independently from (erratic) public energy supply, while reducing costs.

The basic solution of building biogas plant provides a combination of raw materials-substrate that make corn silage and beet, tail noodles tail remains and the remains of vegetables.
For the production of biogas or electricity, we have areas for the cultivation of green biomass and other resources from own production, for the construction of BPS plant capacity of 2 x 1 MW.

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